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 Ninh Binh Photography Tips: Creating Stunning Images at Famous Sites

Ninh Binh Photography Tips: Creating Stunning Images at Famous Sites


In Ninh Binh, travellers not only have a chance to learn about Vietnamese culture but also bring home many unique pictures. It’s wonderful for couples, families and groups of friends when they can do these things together and save happy moments forever. That’s why taking beautiful pictures become one of the main motivations for both domestic and international tourists. In this article, we introduce the top Ninh Binh iconic photo spots and share photography tips for your memorable experience.

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Ninh Binh is well-known all over the world thanks to its beauty. Tourists come here, surprised by the scenery and atmosphere. This region has its personality and characteristics: a natural, peaceful, rural feeling that you cannot find any other place in Vietnam. Pictures taken in Ninh Binh are shared widely on social media. Therefore, more and more people know about this amazing destination in Vietnam. 

Top 5 Instagram photo spots in Ninh Binh

Tam Coc Ninh Binh 

The best thing to do in Ninh Binh is to take a nice wooden boat ride along the calm Tam Coc River. It's also called "Ha Long among the rice paddies" because of the cool limestone formations and green rice fields. 

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Tam Coc is an ideal check-in location, especially in the early spring. In other busy seasons, like the rice time, lots of these boats carry people between the mountains and through caves with pointy rocks. Some caves are long, about 125 meters, so when you float through, it gets dark, and you hear bats and smell old rocks. When you come out of the cave, there are lots of great chances to take amazing pictures on this awesome boat ride.

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For the top photo chances, it's best to go on the boat ride early in the morning or during the late afternoon sun. Grab a conical hat before you start to get that classic and fun shot from inside the boat.

Top Things to Do in Tam Coc Rice Field - Ninh Binh

Hang Mua - Mua Cave 

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The Mua Caves offer the highest viewpoint in the area, and it's arguably the best lookout in all of Ninh Binh. The climb of 500 steps to the top is worth it for the breathtaking panoramic views. At the summit, you'll find a majestic stone dragon overlooking the valley, with sights stretching across Tam Coc, Trang An, Ninh Binh City, and the vast expanse of rice paddies. 

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The best time to take photos and check in at Hang Mua Ninh Binh is at sunset and sunrise - the time when the light is not too harsh, soft and warm yellow. Your photos will look very dreamy, magical and very compatible with the colour! 

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For capturing stunning photos at Hang Mua (Mua Cave), consider these picturesque spots:

  • The Summit Viewpoint
  • Overlooking the River
  • The Dragon Statue
  • Rice Paddies and Limestone Peaks
  • Cave Entrance
  • Lotus in the Pond
  • Climbing Stairs Shots

Hang Mua Ninh Binh: Tour It Right and Stay on Budget

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Trang An Boat Trip - Ninh Binh 

Trang An complex is a mere 7 kilometres or 4 miles from the well-known Mua Cave viewpoint near Tam Coc, making it a top Instagram photo spot in Ninh Binh. Also, Trang An is a recognised natural and cultural world heritage site by UNESCO. Renowned as the homeland of King Kong, scenes from the Kong Skull Island movie were filmed here in 2017.

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With the emerald green rivers winding through the limestone ranges to create natural, mysterious caves, Trang An Ninh Binh brings wild, harmonious scenes like a natural painting that captivates the hearts of people. Just sit on a cruise ship, you will have hundreds of beautiful check-in photos! 

All About Boat Tour in Ninh Binh: Tam Coc vs Trang An Boat Tour?

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There are three routes to choose from:

  • Temple Route: This includes a sampan boat trip through three caves, but it might not be the most scenic for cool photos.
  • 2-Hour Boat Trip Route: The shortest route for those with limited time, offering a nice option for photo enthusiasts.
  • 2.5-Hour Boat Trip Route: Personally favoured, this route features a boat trip through the longest cave in Trang An (1 kilometre long), King Kong filming locations, and a pavilion.

Both Route 2 and Route 3 take you to the pavilion on the water, the most popular photo spot in the Trang An area.

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For nice photos at Trang An Ecotourism site:

  • In front of a pavilion on the water near Vu Lam palace with temples and pagodas.
  • Before going through the cave.
  • In front of Dia Linh Mountain.

You can hide a private sampan boat ride for $45 (1 million Dong) and ask the rower for help to get the best shots while cruising on the water.

Hoa Lu Ancient Capital - The Symbol of Ninh Binh

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Hoa Lu Ancient Capital is a great place to take photos. It is a complex of temples and palaces that date back to the 10th and 11th centuries. The temples are decorated with intricate carvings and statues, and the palaces are surrounded by lush gardens. There are also several lakes and rivers in the area, which make for stunning backdrops for photos. 

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For capturing beautiful photos at Hoa Lu, consider these scenic spots:

  • Temple of Dinh Tien Hoang and Temple of Le Dai Hanh
  • The Royal Court
  • Viewpoints Around the Complex
  • Gateways and Archways
  • Reflections in the Ponds

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Am Tiem Cave 

Am Tien Cave, also known as Tuyet Tinh Coc, is a hidden gem compared to the more popular Mua Cave viewpoint. It's just 200 meters away from Hoa Lu ancient capital.

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The view from the platform above is absolutely breathtaking, offering a mind-blowing perspective of the limestone mountains and water. To reach the viewpoints, take a short hike of 200 steps. You can also hire a push bike if you want to capture some photos with it. Don’t forget to include Am Tien Cave in your Ninh Binh photo spots list for some cool shots.

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Capture beautiful moments at Am Tien Cave by focusing your camera at the following picturesque locations:

  • Above Platform View: Head to the above platform to capture stunning shots of the limestone mountains and the surrounding waters. This spot offers a breathtaking panoramic view.
  • On the 200-Step Hike: Take advantage of the short hike of 200 steps leading to the viewpoints. Along the way, you can find unique angles and perspectives for your photos.
  • Before Entering the Cave: Capture the anticipation before entering the cave. The natural lighting and surroundings can create intriguing photos.
  • The large pond: the large pond with green water, and golden fish is an ideal place for photos as well. 

A full guide for Am Tiem Cave Ninh Binh: A must-see spot near Hanoi

Ninh Binh photography tips

Avoid the crowd

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Avoid travelling during peak seasons like May Day, Independence Day (2nd of September), and the beginning of the Lunar New Year in Vietnam, as crowds can be overwhelming, with more people watching than enjoying the scenery.

Dress appropriately

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Each place has its beauty, you should prepare different clothes for different views. If it is a pagoda, avoid wearing shorts and tank tops out of respect for the cultural setting. If it is a natural scene, the white, red, and yellow colours might be a good choice. 

Don’t Be Rush

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It takes time to find the best places for photos. You should use a variety of angles and compositions. Therefore, 1-2 attractions in a day is enough. If you plan to visit all the highlights of Ninh Binh, consider a 2-3 day tour. Try to cover all stops in one day can reduce the quality of your pics and you can also get tired. 

Suggested itineraries for a photo tour in Ninh Binh

One-day tour of famous photo spots in Ninh Binh

If you have only one day in Ninh Binh and want to capture best photos of Ninh Binh's landmarks, consider 2 itineraries below: 

For more activities: 

Dinh King temple - Mua Cave with Lying Dragon Mountain - Sampan boat trip at Tam Coc - A bike Ride

See detailed: Full-Day Ninh Binh Highlights Tour from Hanoi

For more relaxing time 

Hoa lu Ancient Temple - Tuyet Tinh Coc (Am Tiem Cave) - Trang An Boat Trip 

See detailed: Hoa lu - Tuyet Tinh Coc- Trang An

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2 days tour of Iconic photo spots in Ninh Binh

2 days is an ideal duration for more activities in Ninh Binh

See our suggestion for 2 days to discover the most beautiful attractions in Ninh Binh Viet Nam: 

Ninh Binh 2 days 1 night: Hoa Lu - Am Tien Cave- Tam Coc- Bich Dong- Bai Dinh- Trang An

Ninh Binh 2 Day 1 Night Tour: Hoa Lu - Mua Cave - Tam Coc - Cuc Phuong

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Overall, the countryside in Ninh Binh is incredibly beautiful, making it almost impossible to capture a bad photograph. Everywhere you look, you'll see hardworking farmers tending to their land, charming old houses nestled at the foot of towering limestone formations, and lush greenery stretching as far as the eye can see.

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Take it slow in this unique place, or you might miss out on some of the most important moments. Ninh Binh is truly a wonderland for photographers.

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